About us

We are the most trusted and most convenient online food ordering site. We connects people with the best restaurants around you. We believe food is a pleasure and food ordering should be fast and definitely fun experience. Not only do we provide menus from thousands of restaurants and offer exclusive discounts, but we forego the delivery fee and allow you to order with just a few clicks.

You can search by cuisine (Italian) or by a specific menu item (cheeseburger), making it easy to find your next meal. You can also save delivery locations, such as work or home, to speed up the process. Ordering food in itself is great happiness. When we have a special love for food, and we cannot compromise on what we eat, then indeed we are the true foodie. People, who love food, do not really think of any other source of happiness, then what is brought through beautiful food.

Thus are introduced different sources that give you an opportunity to let you grab your favorite food online anytime, anywhere. In today’s time, where digitalization is penetrating itself deep into our daily routines, we’ve got the option of almost everything getting accomplished online, so why not our favourite food?

Why ordering through a food delivery application is a wise choice!

When the restaurants are providing home delivery services, then why shall we opt for this food delivery special apps to get the purpose fulfilled?

We’ll explain to you why, through the reasons mentioned below; Restaurants will release multiple orders in one go, and that’s the reason the orders get delayed. When you are waiting for your favourite food, you would definitely not feel good when it gets delayed beyond a certain time.

Food delivery site like Bangalore Spicy, make sure one delivery personnel deals with one order at a time, and thus, quick and reliable delivery is ensured. Restaurants work on a home delivery policy, which makes a certain amount of order mandatory, for if you wish to get your order delivered at home for free. But Bangalore Spicy doesn’t work on any such policy; it allows you to place your order on no minimum order amount necessary. So just go with it! There’s no scope of getting any kind of discount on your orders when you place it with the restaurants directly. But the big deal comes here, there are multiple discount coupons made available, which you can get encased with Bangalore Spicy at the time you place your order. Such discount coupons allow you to get your favourite food at unbelievable prices. This is totally a freebie, as you do not pay for such surprises.

The above-mentioned aspects are well enough in numbers to justify the use of Bangalore Spicy food delivery site, and above all, special Bangalore Spicy Coupons available on different websites make the deal worth sealing. Grab the coupons and the best offer that’ll bring umpteen benefits for you, and of course, for all the regular customers, there’s so much to bring benefits. Go with Bangalore Spicy to get your food at the right time and at unbelievably surprising prices.

Testimonial 1

The service for the food delivering site Bangalore Spicy is faster and reasonable for the common man to afford food at door step without giving more money .the website is user friendly you can find types of restaurant as you like nearby you on the tips of your hand by using Bangalore Spicy site. You will get best offer any deals in Bangalore Spicy. The delivery guys in Bangalore Spicy have experience.

Testimonial 2

Bangalore Spicy changed life style of people, got yummy food delivered at home. We can even sit at home and see what’s cooking at nearby restaurants. Best of it is tracking your order to know how much time it will take. And more over customer care executives are very friendly when we chat with them response is super quick. Providing jobs is super. Good Job

Testimonial 3

I happen to stay in Bangalore for an internship. I was there in a pg and used to eat the food from them. Sometimes I would miss the dinner and to order food online so as to satisfy my hunger. I was searching for many food delivery sites and finally I found this app called Bangalore Spicy from one of my roommate. I have ordered food for 10: 48 pm and they have brought me for 11: 05 pm which was very impressive. I used to wait for at least 40 mins on other food deliveries but this thing really functions best.